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We offer you a haven of peace, balance and harmony. A place where you can relax your body, awaken your senses and calm your soul.

Escape the stress and worry of today’s fast-paced world at Peace Within. Our unique range of massage, beauty, and lifestyle coaching are deeply relaxing, nurturing and soothing. Removing stagnant energy and revitilising your spirit.

At Peace Within you will experience pure bliss and total rejuvenation.


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Our Services at a glance

Amanda Scott – Peace Within

Intuitive Massage

A relaxation massage where a therapist will tune into the body, and discover any emotional blockages, connecting to a higher source to create more clarity and reassurance in your being.

Emotional Clearing Therapy

Helping you to create better balance and harmony in your life by freeing up any blockages, emotional fears or self sabotage. Using positive thoughts and words to create positive outcomes. Discover subconscious patterns, through the family line from past and present to clear you way for a brighter future.


Reiki promotes healing through a source connection via the laying of the hands to allow a life force energy to flow. Reiki treats the whole bodies emotion, mind and spirit. It can provide a holistic approach to personal development and can excelerate healing on all levels.

Meditation & Art Therapy

Meditation is a powerful tool to bring stillness and clarity to our mind in our busy world. Through meditation we can gain a feeling of calm and heightened awareness.


Our workshops include, Reiki Certification & Training – Women’s Soul Circle Connections and

Creative Mind Mapping | Teenage Workshops |

Empowering Women | Private Coaching Sessions


Be amongst Amanda’s passion empowering others to create a life of balance, harmony and purpose. To be your best version of yourself with health, wellness and making new connections.Experience a sense of creativity, enabling techniques to focus on achieiving your true desires in relationships, healthy friendships, career and manifesting a faster flow for abundance.

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Our Testimonials

  • My husband and I have seen Amanda occasionally for massage sessions for over three years. Particularly my husband working in a physically demanding job has always appreciated Amanda's strength in giving a great deep massage. In the past year I have seen her more frequently after a near death experience. Through Reiki, Massage, Emotional and Spiritual Counselling Amanda has helped me on my journey to restored health. As a result of this process I have achieved better emotional and physical wellbeing than before my major health incident. With Amanda's guidance I have been able to unlock my full potential, I've renewed creativity and innovation in my life and its future path. Amanda from Peace Within is a beautiful person to encounter, she exudes the holistic wellbeing that everyone should wish for themselves. She has an extremely calming and serene manner, I don't think you could find a more perfect person to work in this industry. Peace Within Living can offer you something so much greater than a restorative massage.
    Restored Health
    Melissa Allsopp - Tweed Heads NSW

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